LOG LINE: Interviews aren’t easy, especially when they’re for the most important job of your life; parenthood. Set in a dystopian future, where the government decides whether you’re fit to become a parent or not.

"Federal Approved Parent" is an 8 minute short film by Filmmaker Katrina Cebreiro. It is an interview-style set up, with comedic elements.

Katrina was inspired to write this story because she started to consider every major life decision that needs to go through some kind of acceptance process. When applying to college you must show a report card for proof of good grades. When interviewing for a job, you must provide references to show proof you are qualified. When applying for a mortgage loan, you must show a credit score to show proof you will pay it back. So what would it look like if parenthood required the same approval process? 



 "Federal Approved Parent" has done well in the festival circuit and it's still making its rounds. It is an award winner at Independent Shorts Awards for Best Acting Ensemble, Best Original Story, and Best Comedy Short.


It has also been selected to screen at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival and was a finalist at IndieX Film Fest for Best Comedy Short, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Acting Ensemble.


It also has screened with Indie Night Film Festival in the Legendary Chinese Theatre.