Liliana Montenegro


Liliana is a series lead on the BET+ series SACRIFICE opposite Paula Patton. Liliana also has a large resume of Spanish language features and is a stand up comedian.

Katrina Cebreiro

Writer / Director

Katrina graduated with her MFA in Screenwriting from CSUF in 2016 and her BA in Cinema and Television Production in 2013. Her TV pilot script "Donald Glover" made it into the final round of Sundance. Not only is she a successful writer, but an award winning director. Filmmaking is her passion. 


Live Q&A

Watch behind-the-scenes to see how "Federal Approved Parent" was shot during quarantine.

Re-watch the interview with writer/director and the two stars of the film.

Cast & Crew


Liliana Montenegro

Jessica Ferrer

Kelsey Redmond


Adrian Gomez

David Sasik

Kristen Daniels


Sophie Bruza


Oscar Cebreiro


Aleks Verholak


Darren Augustus

Sound Mixer