LOG LINE: Gabby tries to help her boyfriend fight his addiction only to realize he’s not the only addict in their relationship. Her drug of choice: him.

"Addict" is an 11 minute short film by Filmmaker Katrina Cebreiro. It follows the character of Gabby in an attempt to stop her boyfriend from using. 

Katrina was inspired to write this story based on true events. With the help of her amazing cast and crew was able to bring it to life. Shot in one day, on an Alexa Mini with Vintage Anamorphic lenses in Katrina's hometown of Orange County, CA.



 Addict has done amazing in the festival circuit. It is the Official Selection for the 6th Annual Official Latino Film Festival, sponsored by HBO Latino and Verizon Media, winning a chance to score a distribution deal by one of the largest networks in the world!


It also has been selected to screen at the prestigious Catalina Film Festival and at Indie Night Film Festival in the Legendary Chinese Theatre. 


It is a finalist at Hollywood Screenings and won BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at Independent Short Awards. Also ISA has picked up distribution for the short.